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Game Of War For iPhone – Cheats And Advice

Game Of War For iPhone – Cheats And Advice

If you’re trying to achieve greater success in Game of War for iPhone, then this guide is going to give you the helping hand you need. While you may be looking for cheats and hacks to get ahead, the truth is that these cheats no longer work, and they can even risk all of the hard work you’ve already put into the game, simply because the game developer is likely to ban any accounts that are caught cheating.

Of course, it’s easy to understand the frustration which leads to the desire to cheat – and virtually everyone considers it after being smashed by an enemy invader and losing a ton of their resources. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can get ahead in Game of War without resorting to cheats – and you’ll also have the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from destroying your enemies using your own wit and skill rather than relying on cheats and hacks.

To aid you in your quest for world domination within Game of War, we’d like to share a few tricks that’ll help you get ahead and ultimately get the fantastic results you’re looking for from this brilliant game. So without further delay, let’s look at the tips.

Tip 1 – Use your VIP Status

One of the most interested aspects of this can is the VIP updates you get from items, and if you use these strategically, you can often accelerate your upgrade speed by a considerable amount – ultimately allowing you to finish off those timers and get your new buildings and defenses constructed in no time at all.

Often, a few key upgrades are all it takes to put up a better defense to an invading army, so it’s well worth learning how to use your VIP upgrades carefully and strategically – especially in the early days of playing the game.

Tip 2 – Boost those defenses!

If you’re feeling frustrated due to a vicious invasion from a tough enemy, then it’s wise to channel your anger into better defenses. Once you’ve upgraded your key defensive structures, you’ll be delighted by how much longer you last, and you can then put up a real fight whenever an enemy is bold enough to invade your city!

The defenses of your city are a vitally important part of the game, so it’s wise to not neglect these defenses to the last minute. In general, people who have weak defenses will be targeted by the toughest and most experienced players, simply because it’s so easy to win. Therefore, it’s very important to take yourself out of the ‘free win’ category and bolster those defenses as soon as you can.

Tip 2 – Upgrade your logging camps and farms

With all this focus on defenses, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your logging camps and farms aren’t as important. However, this couldn’t’ be further from the truth! While it’s often difficult to decide where to best spend your resources, the farms and logging camps are often the keys to unlocking bigger upgrades later on down the line. So making sure you upgrade these structures regularly is a good idea for your overall defensive plan.

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